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The vast Leofresh selection is guaranteed to please.

Trust our experts to be your eyes, nose and mouth, with the skills to identify and handpick the finest standard of goods. So you can confidently offer fresh fruit and vegetables all round, both in and out of season.

All products are carefully selected and quality checked to meet the exacting requirements of some of the world’s most talented chefs.

• 5,600+ fresh products
• 650+ producers & suppliers
• 6,000+ branded products WIDEST CHOICE

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Just some of our selection

• Fruit & Vegetables: truffles, berries, baby vegetables, edible flowers
• Seafood: caviar, fresh fish, live crustaceans, oysters
• Meats: Japanese wagyu, foie gras, Angus beef, dry aged beef, poultry & game, Spanish/Italian/French cold cuts
• Dairy: Bordier butter, Spanish/Italian/French EU cheeses, yoghurt, eggs, milk
• Bakery & Pastry: Valrona, Barry Calbaut, pastry ingredients, Chocolate, Louis François, Boiron, dried & canned fruits
• Grocery: Sosa, Urbani, Texturas, spices, canned vegetables
• Drinks: Champagne, French wine, alcohol, water, soft drinks

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