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Fruits and vegetables of April
>> The Rungis double the capacity of its rail terminal
With this renovation the volumes of fruit and vegetables transported by rail will double to 400,000 tonnes per year.   >> More
>> The Netherlands : dynamism and modernity
Behind the pastoral image often portrayed by tulips, windmills and cheese...   >> More

 Arrival once a week from Wayu 9+ :  Wagyu
the Wagyu or Kobe Beef.
Australian Waguy direct importationn Fresh Arrival every weekn Grade 9 + ( Diamond Label) /A5 Matsusaka Japonaisn

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 The Peach :  A refreshing dessert
Peach fruit is low in calories, rich in vitamins C and pro-A, and it is a refreshing summer dessert. Yellow peaches, white, flat or peach, there are many varieties to discover throughout the season. It will keep several days and lends itself to many recipes.
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 The baby artichoke :  Rich in minerals and vitamins B
The artichoke comes on the market stalls in the month of May, and is found jsqu'en November, but June and July are the best season for this vegetable. It is produced by a perennial herb, semi-woody, Cynara scolymus, belonging to the family Compositae (or Asteraceae), and usually grown as a biennial, (the harvest is the second year of cultivation).
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 The apricot :  Fruit of summer, a moderate caloric intake
The apricot is the fruit of the apricot, Prunus armeniaca, a small tree belonging to the family Rosaceae. Fruit of the perfect summer, his full season in France, from June through August. This small fruit forms plump and smooth skin, with shades ranging from orange to red, is produced in warmer regions, especially in the Mediterranean.
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 Sweet pepper : 
Peppers belong to the same species. Both come from the South, but there are varieties adapted to different regions. They are easy to succeed, and good decorative: start blogging!
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